Outcomes-Driven, Holistic Care

We believe that every child deserves a holistic, high-quality early education. That is why we will work until every child and teacher is supported in a community-based early childhood program.

  • Data-informed decision-making
  • Evidence-based classroom strategies
  • Embedded professional development
  • Integrated family engagement
  • Focus on social impact

For nearly 100 years, we have:

Developed partnerships with programs across Columbus to ensure every child is provided the resources they need to thrive.

Worked to ensure every family has access to high-quality early childhood education regardless of income or family status.

Developed a revolutionary model that focuses on connecting the community to early childhood programs.

Established a level of expertise to support teachers, train the next generation of professionals, enhance the field of early childhood education, inform policies, and develop communities through learning and play.

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When you support the SproutFive mission, you help us strengthen our communities and ensure every child has access to a holistic, high-quality early childhood education.

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