Our Model

Our Model

Our schools are co-located with like-minded host partners in nonprofit hubs, affordable housing complexes, education institutions, and employer campuses.

  • Work-learn™: Co-located on employer campuses to offer childcare to employees in one centralized location.
  • Train-learn™: Integrated, hands-on training in the spirit of building a pipeline of future teachers by providing a pathway to a career in early childhood education.
  • Learn-learn™: Co-located on education campuses to provide childcare to students and staff in one centralized location.
  • Live-learn™: Co-located in housing complexes to reduce the transportation barrier presented to families.
  • Serve-learn™: Co-located with like-minded nonprofit organizations to reduce barriers for families needing essential services (e.g., job training, nutrition, wellness, social services, etc.).

Empowering Change

When you support the SproutFive mission, you help us strengthen our communities and ensure every child has access to a holistic, high-quality early childhood education.

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